Jeff Richmond (native Northeast Ohioan, 30 Rock producer and Tina Fey’s husband) was the commencement speaker for one of the graduation ceremonies at Kent State last week. If you have 16 minutes on your hands, you won’t regret spending them watching his hilarious speech.

Jeff Richmond cameos on 30 Rock.

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Do you have children?

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[Mean Girls Musical] is actually becoming a thing! We’re taking meetings with people; I’ve profiled Broadway folks, who are talking to us about it. It’s a long process — a year, two years, however long it might take. We watch Smash, so we know how it works. It’s all just laid out structure-wise right now. That’s how early we are. Because you have to take a three-act structure and turn it into a two-act structure and start thinking about it like that, and we’re working! We’re working on it, okay?

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Mean Girls Musical Details Revealed ›

And even though the musical is in its preliminary stages, two things are clear: Gretchen Wieners is singing a “Fetch” song and Fey’s hilarious dialogue won’t be lost in translation.


THE ONLY REASON I’m excited about the Mean Girls Musical is that Jeff Richmond is writing the music he’s the only one I’d ever let touch it


30 Rock: Season 5, Bonus Features - Behind the Scenes of the Live Show.

I got distracted by Jeff Richmond’s hat. 

Tina Hosts SNL - 30 Rock Season 2 DVD Extra!

Jeff Richmond is on at about 4:50!


Elaine Stritch talking to Jeff Richmond during the repetitions of “The Moms” episode.

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