Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards red carpet





jeff richmond lost his emmy to modern family

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Jeff Richmond and Alec Baldwin:)

Tina Fey, Jeff Richmond, and Alice Richmond in NY, NY (August 9th, 2012)

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Anonymous asked: Hey! do you know where Jeff Richmond lives right now? in New York? thanks ;) am in love with your blog

Yeah New York City last time I heard!

Thank you lots :D


Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary to my favorite couple!

Jeff Richmond is the recipient of 2012 Victor Award

Jeff Richmond is a Musical Genius and Modern Renaissance Man who contributed so much to Child’s play during his long run. The theme song “Stories and Poems” (the song in this video) was composed by Jeff Richmond. 

“Funny story, Steve’s wife Anne and I look a lot alike… like a lot. I don’t have a joke about that, I just wanted to get that out there in case you see us kissing later… it’s probably Anne and not me.”
- Tina Fey, Mark Twain Prize Acceptance Speech

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